Users are people who can log in to OpenCase, see the data in it and do things with it.

These will usually be members of your organisation.

There are various roles that users can have, which give them different amounts of access.

This is all configurable, but there is a default setup that comes with OpenCase:

  • Site Administrator - can view and change any data in the system and can configure OpenCase such as adding other users, adding custom fields etc. This would normally be somebody working in your office as an administrator, or the person responsible for IT if you have one.
  • Overseer - can view and change any data regarding client records, volunteer records, cases and activities, but is not responsible for configuration of the system. This role might not be necessary in small organisations as it would be the same person as the site administrator. But some organisations might have team leaders for example who need overall access to the system but are not involved with its technicalities.
  • Caseworker - can see all client records, can create cases, and can view and edit all cases that they are involved in.
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator - - can see all volunteer records, can create cases (in OpenCase, volunteers have their own cases to track their recruitment and training journeys), and can view and edit all cases that they are involved in.

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