As a Casework Co-ordinator I would like to...

(The items that are ticked already part of OpenCase)

  • [x] Enter new clients into the system, so that we can work with them
  • [x] Create and open cases, so that caseworkers can record their interactions with clients focused on a particular thing
  • [ ] Assign caseworkers to cases, so that the client can have a key contact and one caseworker can build up knowledge of the case
  • [ ] See at a glance what appointments have been made, so that I know people's availability
  • [ ] Close cases when the desired outcome is reached or when we stop working with the client, so that we know who we are currently engaged with and who not
  • [x] View all open cases, so that I can see what workload we currently have
  • [x] Drill down into cases to see what progress is being made
  • [x] Define types of cases, which ask for different data (e.g. a Housing case or a Legal case), so that data relevant to the case can be recorded and it does not ask for irrelevant data
  • [x] Define types of activities (e.g. "Accompanying to Medical Appointment" or "Night at Hostel") so that we can record exactly what we do and add information that is relevant to that particular activity.
  • [ ] Give caseworkers tasks, so that I can delegate work

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