What will it do?

OpenCase is a work in progress. Here is an overview of what it will do when it is finished.

  • Store information about your clients, volunteers, supporters and others.
  • Log the case work you do with clients.
  • Keep track of volunteer applications, interviews, training.
  • You control what data you record about these things. It's easy to create your own fields.
  • Run reports to monitor your work and show funders that you are meeting their targets.
  • Create mailing lists and send out nice-looking, personalised emails
  • Assign tasks to people, and get email notifications
  • Allocate casework appointments
  • View tasks and appointments in a calendar format
  • Be confident that your data is stored securely and complies with regulations

For more detail, and also to see what is already achieved and what is not, see the following which are written in the form or "User Stories" i.e. describing the need that the functionality would address.

For casework co-ordinators

For caseworkers

For volunteer co-ordinators

For Monitoring & Evaluation Officers

For Fundraisers

For Data Protection Officers

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