As a Volunteer Co-ordinator I would like to ...

(The items that are ticked already part of OpenCase)

  • [x] Keep volunteers' and applicants' details on the system so that I cab communcate with them
  • [x] Record activities related to volunteer recruitment like interviews and training sessions, so that I know where in the process each volunteer is and what they can do
  • [ ] Be able to see when someone has applied to volunteer, so that I can respond to their application
  • [ ] Send mailouts to all volunteers or prospective volunteers so that I can communicate with them as a group
  • [x] Have mailouts for volunteers automatically go to the right email address for each volunteer if they have multiple addresses in the system, so that they don't get a volunteer email at work for example (done but by making each type of constituent a a separate record with only one email address)
  • [ ] Have online application forms for volunteers so that they can apply easily and the data can be stored on the system without me having to copy it

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