As a Caseworker I would like to...

(The items that are ticked already part of OpenCase)

  • [x] See all the cases that I am involved in, so I know what workload I have
  • [x] Log activities on my cases, whether interactions with the client or background work that I have done, so that I know where we are up to when I see them or communicate about them again
  • [ ] Send emails to clients to update them of progress on their case or to ask them questions or send reminders of upcoming activities
  • [ ] Create tasks for myself so that I have a "to-do" list and can see what I need to do and what I have recently done
  • [ ] Book clients in for casework appointments so that I can spend designated time with them
  • [ ] See my appointments, activities and tasks in calendar format so that I can organise my time
  • [ ] Tag other people in appointments, activities and tasks if they also need to attend or be involved
  • [x] Store documents on cases, so I can keep scanned letters, ID documents, and so on relating to the case
  • [x] Add third parties like doctors and lawyers to the system so I can communicate with them
  • [x] Add third parties to the cases that they are involved in, so that I can see who to contact about a case
  • [x] Have the correct email address of a third party selected automatically so I don't send work-related emails to a home address where they might be overlooked or less secure (this is done, but by completely separating the types of constituents, and only allowing one email address for each).

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