As a Data Protection Officer I would like to...

(The items that are ticked already part of OpenCase)

  • [ ] Know that the CRM is designed to meet the latest legal regulations, including so that I can be confident that I am keeping data in a legal manner

  • [x] Be able to permanently delete data, so that I can do so if others mistakenly record data when they should not

  • [x] Know that the underlying software and server are secured to a high standard, so that I don't have to worry unduly about hackers or spies.

  • [x] Stop caseworkers from seeing volunteers' records

  • [x] Stop volunteer co-ordinator from seeing clients' records

  • [x] Stop caseworkers from seeing volunteer recruitment cases

  • [x] Stop volunteer co-ordinator from seeing client cases

  • [x] Stop caseworkers from seeing any cases that they are not involved in

  • [x] Stop caseworkers seeing any client records except those whose cases they are involved in

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